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by Alumniyat Team

You will find many useful files on this page (Writer’s Resources) to download and links to be resources:

You have to write about one of the topics at this link and follow the steps to submit it:

Writer’s topics

To see your profits, please see this video:

Track your profits

What is plagiarism?

SEO is almost all you need to get traffic for your articles and make good revenue from ads. It will improve a website’s overall searchability and visibility:

A Must Tips in SEO

Here is a comparison table for three articles from three different SEO levels bad, good, and excellent. So you can get an idea about the great effects of the SEO 

Three files table

Also there we have Our minimum standards and requirements to approve an article

Make sure to calculate your profiles for one and more years using our calculator:

Article Income Prediction Calculator

Most of your questions are answered here:

Frequently Asked Questions

Here is a list of royalty-free images websites:

List of free images websites

Here are some useful links for new register member:

To login to the site and start adding articles:

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If you are not familiar with WordPress or if you want to upload an article as a Word document, please use this form:

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Please watch this video to learn how to add an article:

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If you need more help, please contact us via the supporting chat or via the contact us page and we will try to answer you as soon as possible

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