Why should you change your blog address to your own custom domain?

Why should you change your blog address to your own custom domain?

  1. You save your blog even if your free blog provider (like Google or WordPress) decides to stop the service.
  2. Moving to a custom domain does not mean you will lose the free hosting and all the features that the free provider offers. Your blog will still have hosting by Google and you will be able to access all the features, like templates, etc. In this case, you get the advantage of free blog hosting with the power of your own domain.
  3. Saving your brand is very important, and the first important step is to buy the domain that has the name of your business, or your own name, before it is taken.
  4. Having your toplevel domain (TLD) myblog.com or myblog.net looks more professional than just blogspot.com, which can sometimes look like a spamming website.
  5. It is easier to switch to WordPress blogging script when you have your own domain than if you have a free subdomain. At one point or another, you will have your own self-hosted blog, and WordPress is one of the best choices.

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