Why updating and backing up your site is important

Why updating and backing up your site is important

Why is updating your site important?

It is necessary for many reasons. Technology is growing at the speed of light so every website must be up to date with it. The website has to be updated twice a month, otherwise it will fall behind and its speed and security will be affected. Having a slow speed affects your score on Google and makes it difficult for people to find your business online. Having a security issue can make your site vulnerable to online hackers. Hackers usually have dangerous programs searching 24 hours a day for a site with a security hole. They can find it easily and can use it as a platform from which to attack other sites and use or steal your data, your customers’ data, and your visitors’ data, and in the worst case scenario, they will destroy the site (just for fun).

Why backing up your site is important?

A website is like a car, and the backing up is like the insurance. It costs some money but it saves a lot in the long run. Any expert in websites knows that things can sometimes go wrong with sites. Sometimes you may want to make a small change to the site yourself, like adding a picture to the site. This can sometimes break links in the site and it could collapse. In this case, the best solution is to restore your site from a recent backup of your site, which you wouldn’t have if you don’t back up regularly. Without this, you would have to repeat all your work sometimes or losing everything.

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Please be aware that the above plan for backing up and updating does not include any additional webmaster work or customization, such as uploading photos, changing a post, fixing a link, double-checking a form, or designing/installing a plugin.


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