Reason Why Twinmark Media Enterprises Was Banned from Facebook

Reason Why Twinmark Media Enterprises Was Banned from Facebook

Reason Why Twinmark Media Enterprises Was Banned from Facebook Twinmark Media Enterprises is a digital marketing group in Philippine. Recently, the group was banned from Facebook. According to Facebook, this digital group violated Facebook’s policies of spam and misrepresentation. This was the reason why this group was banned.

why digital marketing group in Philippine was banned.

The company added they have removed 73 Facebook accounts, 220 Facebook pages, and 29 Instagram accounts. If you want to know more details, continue reading. Violation of Facebook Policies The company said that the group had inauthentic behavior, they led people to ad farms, used fake accounts, and even sold access to Facebook pages for generating profit and increase distribution. Facebook Inc. stated that they don’t want their services to be used for such activities. Furthermore, they also mentioned that they don’t want this group to have presence on the platform again.

What Accounts Has Facebook Removed?

  Accounts Has Facebook Removed, As mentioned above, Facebook removed their presence from the platforms including Instagram. These pages had a lot of followers.

  • at least one of the pages has 4.3 million followers.
  • Some of the pages that were removed include:
  •   TNP Media- 4.3 million followers
  • Filipino Channel Online- 10.4 million followers 
  • Unhappy- 4.9 million followers
  • Gorgeous Me- 5.7 million followers
  • Text Message- 4.4 million followers Moreover.

the company mentioned they banned the group because of their behavior. The pages and accounts controlled by Twinmark have repeatedly violated the policies. This decision of Facebook was not based on the content they were posting. Investigation According to Facebook, they started an investigation after they were reported about the activities of Twinmark. Selling the admin rights to Facebook Pages for the purpose of enhancing distribution and generating profit violates the spam policies of Facebook. Additionally, they took this matter extremely seriously and investigated deeply. This is how they came to know about the pages and accounts they controlled. It helped the company to uncover the large network of accounts and pages that were indulged in inauthentic behavior. The motive behind such activities is not known yet.

they have even informed the Philippine government about the ban on this digital marketing group with the help of the Department of Information and Communications Technology (DICT). Steps Being Taken to Stop Such Activities Facebook also mentioned that they are still working on discovering this type of abuse. They also mentioned that they are aware of the fact that these people will keep on evolving their tactics. Facebook stated that they are investing heavily in combatting cybersecurity problems including conventional ones such as phishing and hacking. While another type of cybersecurity challenge is manipulating the public discussion through artificial means. Therefore,

the banning of Twinmark Media Enterprises from Facebook is one of the steps they have taken. They will continue to work in improving their security to ensure people can trust the connections they make on Facebook. Since Facebook is one of the most commonly used social media platform, you cannot stop using it. It will be better to inform authorities of Facebook if you think an account or page is indulging in inauthentic behavior. If you want to get the latest Facebook news, stay connected or subscribe to our mailing list.

8 Amazing Facts and Statistics For 2018

8 Amazing Facts and Statistics For 2018

 About This 8 Amazing Facts and Statistics For 2018, Let’s face it, even with the introduction of various social media platform, Facebook still remains the most widely used platform. There are more than one billion active users regularly. Irrespective of the marketing goal, Facebook has a key role to play in it. This is the reason we have mentioned some of the most fascinating facts about Facebook. It will help in having an effective marketing strategy, so you can have a better return on investment and greater market success. Statistics about Usage

 8 Amazing Facts and Statistics For 2018

1. According to the stats of Q3 2018, the number of active users has crossed 2.27 billion for a month. It is predicted that the number will increase nearly 10% every year. Hence, this means that you cannot remove it from your strategy.
2. There are 79% Americans who use Facebook while there are more than 307 million people in Europe who use Facebook. So, though Facebook you will have access to international markets and potential customers.
3. As far as mobile active users are concerned, there are 1.74 billion users. It is estimated there is an increase of 21%. This means you must focus on making your website mobile-friendly.
4. According to Facebook, the share of Facebook in mobile advertising revenue in Q2 20128, consisted of 91%. It has increased from 87% in Q2 2017. This means it is an excellent platform for advertising and creating brand awareness.

users has crossed 2.27 billion for a month

5. The age range 25 to 34 is a common age demographic. This means these are your target audience and you should try to engage these users through Facebook. Have a look at the latest Facebook news, by clicking here.
6. The time for highest traffic during mid-week is between 1 pm to 3 pm. Moreover, a post on Facebook at 7 pm results in more clicks instead of 8 pm. So, this means you can use this statistic to schedule posting during peak times.
You should keep in mind that customers are likely to engage in the evenings. Another aspect you need to keep on your mind is the time zone. It is recommended to schedule your posts according to the time zone of your target market. 7. 57% of consumers mentioned that social media has an impact on their shopping choice.
7. The share of Facebook in influencing the shopping of customer is 44%. This means it a great opportunity to generate sales and drive traffic to your website.
8. As of May 2013, the total number of business pages established has reached 16 million. In comparison to June 2012, it indicates a 100% increase. It shows that over the years.
Facebook has changed the way we do business. This is a wonderful platform for locals to increase their reach and expand their markets. Therefore, Facebook should be an integral part of your marketing strategy if you want to make your business successful. It will help in generating more leads, improving sales, driving more traffic, reaching both local and global markets and audiences, and creating brand awareness.


Top Ways to Connect WordPress Posts to Facebook

Top Ways to Connect WordPress Posts to Facebook

 There is a Top Ways to Connect WordPress Posts to Facebook, If you want to stay ahead of your competitors, you need to keep your blogs updated. You might need to spread the word as well; there is no better way than through the internet. Without a doubt, to reach wide range of audience.

  How to reach wide range of audience in facebook.

Facebook is the best social media platform. This is because there are more 1 billion active users on Facebook. It is why it can be a crucial source for bringing more traffic to your site. In this article, we have mentioned the tops ways you can use to connect your posts on WordPress site to Facebook. Read on to know which one suits you the best!

ways you can use to connect your posts on WordPress site to Facebook.

ways you can use to connect your posts on WordPress site to Facebook.

ways you can use to connect your posts on WordPress site to Facebook.

Through Jetpack If you have a WordPress site, you will already have Jetpack. In case you are new to WordPress, Jetpack is a WordPress plugin that offers security, marketing, and stress-free design for your site. If you have a self-hosted website, then you can create an account at WordPress and download the plugin. This will enable you to sync the plugin with your website.

 activation of plugin to WordPress.

For activation of this plugin:.
  • you have to click on the menu of Jetpack on the upper left corner of the dashboard page.
  • Then, go to “Publicize” and click on “Configure”
  • . After that, click on the connect button, near the Facebook tab. A popup window will appear.
  • sign in your account.
  • After that, you can connect to your site to your Facebook. account. Then, you should check the box that mentions “make this connection available to all users of this blog”. Using If This Then That (IFTTT).

Another way to connect WordPress with Facebook is through IFTTT.

  • There is another way to connect WordPress with Facebook is through IFTTT. This a wonderful online tool that will enable you to automate your accounts. With the help of this tool, you can define applets. Every applet is linked with two online accounts. If there is a trigger on one account, a certain action is followed on the other account. If you want to make IFTTT to automatically share a post about your new blog, then follow these steps. First of all, you have to create an account, if you don’t have one. After the sign up, you must go to your username on the upper right side of the screen. You can see the “New Applet” option; it will start the IFTTT wizard. By clicking on the +this link, the wizard will start. After that, you have to select WordPress option.


when you are asked to choose a service. Then, you should click the “Connect” button to confirm linking with your WordPress. A pop-up window will appear, here you will have to enter your Username, Password, add Website URL. Then, you will have o choose a trigger for your WordPress site. Now comes the +that link; this time, you will have to choose Facebook when you are asked to choose a service.

You will have to select the Facebook account you want to link. After that, you will have to pick out the action. Set the settings according to your preference and click on Finish button to complete the applet setup wizard. Therefore, these are top ways to sync your WordPress site with Facebook. For the latest Facebook news, stay tuned.

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Ways to recover Your facebook Password?



Ways to Recover Your Facebook Password?

Ways to Recover Your Facebook Password?

Did you forget your Facebook password? It has happened to all of us; we try to log in and it just shows an incorrect password. Since the internet has become more connected, there is a rise in cybercrime. This is why it has become crucial to have different passwords for every account. It has also caused websites to enhance their security and it is a requirement to have complicated passwords, mostly including uppercase, lowercase, and numbers. This is the reason why it becomes so difficult to remember the password for every account. Whether you have forgotten your password or was it changed by someone, you can gain access to your account. Facebook has numerous ways through which you can reclaim your account. In this article, we have listed the best ways to recover your Facebook password.
Continue reading to know more!

the best ways to recover your Facebook.

  •   Resetting the Password If you have forgotten your password, you can get back your account by resetting the password.
  • When you visit the website, you see “Forgotten account?” under the Password dialog box.
forget my facebook password

forget my facebook password

  • Click on this option and you will be taken to a new page.
  • Here you will have to enter your phone number or email address that is linked to your account.
  • After that, recovery options will be presented to you. For instance, you want to receive the code via email or through a phone number.
  • You must choose the one that suits you the best. What if you don’t Have Access to These Accounts? There is a link mentioned beneath the accounts, “No longer have access to these?” In case you don’t have access to these, you can link on this link. Facebook will only give access to your account who are authorized. In order to get access,
  • you need to prove your identity. The account recovery information is proof of your identity that you are the rightful owner. Without this information, Facebook cannot verify it and you will get access to the account.
  • Luckily, there is a solution for this problem as well.

solution for the problem that you are the rightful owner of Facebook Account.

  • . Facebook will ask for a new phone number and email address. This is to make sure they can reach out to you if needed. In case you have Trusted Contacts list, you can use it to recover your account.
  • A code will be sent to these contacts that you will have to enter. If you don’t have this list setup, you might have to answer your security question to recover the account. Note: You should keep in mind there might be changes in the steps. This is because of your situation and changes made by Facebook. You must follow the steps Facebook provides you. Hence, this is an official way to recover your Facebook password.
  • Another way can be to use the Saved Logins in your browser. This will only work if you have saved your password on the browser. However, keep in mind that you can always create a new account. Stay updated on the latest Facebook news by subscribing here.



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Salient Features of Alumniyat

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