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WordPress Services


WordPress Hosting

All packages have free data backup and weekly general security checks, as well as checks for plug-in updates (for packages that have plug-ins). Installation is free for WordPress templates that are free.

Free WordPress Installation and Customization!

We offer a totally unique package for WordPress. For the first year, you will get:

1. Free domain name.

2. One-year business plan hosting.

3. Free WordPress installation.

4. Your choice of a premium theme from: Themeforest dot net or any site you choose.

5. Free theme customization help (others charge $120/hour).


All of this just for $3000!

Order now!


WordPress Installation

WordPress Installation – Free Theme

We install WordPress in your chosen domain. Just select a free theme from We will set up and configure the WordPress site, submit it to Google, add a site map, and add any plugins. The fee for this is $80 if your hosting plan is with another company but is only $60 if you purchase a hosting plan with This is a one-time setup fee. It includes free hosting for one year with our Starter plan (regularly $4.99 a month) and your domain will be paid for the first year.

WordPress Installation – Premium Theme

We install WordPress, give you a free domain for a year with a free Business hosting package for a year (regularly $9.99 a month), all for $200. This includes the setup fee of $80, purchase of your choice of paid themes, and customization.

Wordpress Localization

WordPress Localization

     Localization Options:

  1. Using WPML plug-in: recommended when the two languages are very close and use the same alphabet/writing direction (Spanish and English). $100 WPML plug-in installation fee for each language added to the primary language+ translator fee (by word and varies from one language to another).
  2. Installation of two or more WordPress themes (one for each language): recommended when the websites use different alphabets/writing direction (such as Arabic and English). $100 for each language added to the primary language+ translator fee (by word and varies from language to language). Each option has advantages and disadvantages. The benefit of the first option is that it is easy to manage. However, if something goes wrong with the website in one language version, it will affect the whole website. The second option is harder to manage, but if something happens to one language version, the other will not be affected. In either case, the final decision should take the theme into account. Both localization plans have a 50% discount on the first-time registration fee.

Domain Registration

ALUMNIYAT is an ICANN-accredited domain name registrar. In addition to great pricing and a commitment to world-class customer service, we offer more than 400 top domain extensions.

Find & Register Your Domain Today.

WordPress Themes are Mobile Responsive

Most WordPress themes are mobile responsive, so by using WordPress, you save yourself the hassle of having to make another mobile theme for your site.

*Discounted price for first month of service.

**Free domain registration for life of the account.