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Frequently Asked Questions

by Alumniyat Team

General Questions

There is something wrong with your website. There appears no option of ‘post’ in the left menu. I am unable to access my published or unpublished posts.

No. There is nothing wrong with our site, but your account has been suspended by the editor for a week because you copied your article:

(see your email for the article name)

From other sites and this is forbidden by our policy. You can continue using the site after a week if you want.

Can we also post reviews?

You can post reviews of books, devices, etc but the aim of the post should be for educating people. The post should not be for advertising for other companies or sites and you can not make use of your post for an affiliate program or put links to other sites unless you use them as supporting sources and these sites should be well known such as CNN or Wiki.

What would be your standardized article and what are the eligibility criteria and parameters for publishing the article?


What would be your standardized article and what are the eligibility criteria and parameters for publishing the article in the journal or magazine? I was anxiously waiting for the feedback to come and hence I  couldn’t produce any other article.
Please provide feedback at least.


Thank you for contacting us. I will put the criteria List below, but you can see the same and more updated list at the right up corner of the post’s editor every time you want to edit your article:

For us to approve the article, it should meet these minimum standards and requirements:

  1. It should be written in excellent English without grammar and spelling mistakes (our editors make the final decision).
  2. The writing needs to be of high quality.
  3. It should be more than 300 words unless it is a poem or something similar.
  4. It should not have been published before on the internet.
  5. It should be formatted well.
  6. It has an image that you own or is from free sources.
  7. It should not cover the topics of religion or politics, and we reserve to refuse to publish any material that we deem unsuitable.
  8. remember to check your email or the spam folder for an email regarding your article from our editor within 24 to 48 hours. In case you did not get any, contact us through the supporting chat or contact us page

Important note: Any pending or draft articles you leave will be checked and approved or removed by our editor. So please make sure you finish or save it on a word doc at your computer

Is there a guarantee that I will get something?


Based on your past experience. How much does eighty percent translate to and is there a guarantee that I will get something? Suppose I submit five articles on a weekly basis.


You will get a small reward for sure, but for ads revenue, it needs time and traffic. Our website is for long-run investment in your articles. If you would like to get an idea about how much one of your articles will make over one or more years, please try this special calculator:


Also, I recommend to take a second look at our user agreement:



how can I earn money from Alumniyat website?

You register and start adding articles. You will get 80% of the the ads revenue that show up in your articles as well as a small reward for each 2500 words you write in our website. For more information, Please our user agreement

Can you please tell me if there is another way of paying except paypal, like western union?

Yes. We do pay via Western Union.

Can I change my payment method?

The main payment methods that we have are:


Western Union


In PayPal cases you can only change your PayPal email, and if you want to get paid via western Union we only need your name and country which you put them when you register to send you the payment. However we will contact you to make sure you received the payment.

How do I put ads in my articles?


I have recently joined this website and as its my first time I don’t know how can I get adds on my article.Whats the procedure?


You do not need to do anything. we take care putting the ads and everything. Also sometimes you will not see ads in your new published articles until after 2 to 5 days but that is ok. The ads will show up later and forever.

When will I get paid?


is it whenever I write an article and I get the approval from you I will get paid?




You get paid when you reach 20 dollars

What is the minimum amount that can be withdrawn from the writing reward?

First, you should reach 20 dollars in order for us to send you the amount. Then you can withdraw any amount over 20 dollars.  

Can I know the nature of the topics that you accept?

Any topic you like to write about is accepted except politics and religion. Also, We cannot publish anything that will be refused by Google AdSense and other advertising programs. For example, these topics are not allowed: tobacco, alcoholic beverages, explosives, sexual content, etc. 

Can a single article have more than 3000 words?


Yes. But we do not recommend it since our site visitors are usual readers and it is less luckily that someone will be interested in reading a 3000-word article. Instead, we recommend that you write 5 to 6 articles between 500 and 1000 words each.


How much are you paying per article?

We just pay a small one time reward and you get 80 percent of the ads revenue. for more information please see this link:


What kind of jobs you offer?


It is not a typical job. It is a freelance writing job or long-run investment. Please read this link for more details:

What if I wrote about a topic was written before? How shall I know?



I am a new member of the Alumniyat.com website. I would like you to answer my questions.

What if I wrote about a topic that was written before? How shall I know?

And can I add in my article real-life examples/stories?

Hope you respond as soon as possible



You can search the topics using the site search tools at the right of the navbar. Even if you write about a topic that it is already there will not be a big deal because our editor will take care of it

If you want to write anything personal go ahead, but please add it to the ” blog” category

Please provide the work?


I want to start the work asap
Please provide the work
Written Creative articles on various subjects. All article will be
unique original content and pass any software.


Hello ,

Please take a look at and carefully read our user agreement so you understand the program better:


If everything is ok with you after reading the agreement, please register at our site and start adding articles:


Thank you

How do you score an article?

You can find the details at this link:

How we score an article

Does my article fit your criteria or not?

You can find the requirements to accept your article and approve the article at this link:

Our minimum standards and requirements to approve an article



Have you reviewed my article?

Our Editor takes 24 to 48 hours to review the article. We will send you an email in case  it is pending, publishing, deleted and rejected with the cause. Please make sure you put the correct email address and check you spam folder for the missing emails.

How will I be able to know about how much profit am I getting?

In order to see how much profit are you making, please visit your account and look for Post Pay Counter then choose Stats.

Will you assign me the topics to write the article or I can choose the topic on my own every time?

You have the freedom to choose your own topic on any time, but no politics or religious topic because they are out of the site specialty.

Technical Questions

How to publish your posts when it shows “pending”?

You do not need to publish it. When you finish, just click pending or save as draft and our editor will take care of it. You will get an email from us within 24 to 48 hours regarding publishing or rejecting your article.

I can not log in to Alumniyat website


I can not log in to Alumniyat website. The error message said that it is the wrong password. I change my password many times and still the same problem.



Please make sure you wrote the login information correctly.  Then look at your username. If the username has space then this is the problem so try to login using your email address instead of the username and contact the site webmaster to fix the username for you via the supporting chat or contact us page.

Getting Started

I added one article. what is next? 


I added 1 article

Now what next

Give me the complete process of revenue generation



Next, you will wait for 24 to 48 hours for our editor to review it and publish or send you a notification.

The best way to understand the program is to review the user agreement:


Thank you

Can I submit article in “Add New Article” or “Add New Post” page and get paid?


Hello there,
I have joined recently in your site. I am a freelance writer. I do have a query.
Can I submit an article in “Add New Article” or “Add New Post” page and get paid?
Or there is some other way to submit my article?
You can let me know via an e-mail.




Either way is ok, but you cannot publish directly to the site. The article will be in pending status from 24 to 48 hours until the editor agrees to publish.

Thank you

I would like to know how this platform works?


I would like to know how this platform works? since I am a freelance writer and seeking ways to showcase my writings I would like to know how this works?


Please take a look at and carefully read our user agreement here:

User Agreement

It has all the information you want about the program. If everything is ok with you after reading the agreement, please register at our site and start adding articles:



Is there any time limit to submit the article?

There is no time limit but we recommend to write regularly so you get more traffic to your articles.

How much time does it take for you to pay after each article?

We pay when you reach $20 dollar in two weeks

How much do you pay for one word?

The program is not buy and sell articles, but ads revenue sharing. You get 80% from your article revenue for many years to come.  As it take so much time to have traffic, we give you a small reward from $1 to $10 dollar for each 2500 words depends on the quality of the article.

Please visit this link for more detail:

User Agreement

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