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by Alumniyat Team

How Does this work?

We recommend this buying process in case you would like to invest in your social media traffic or buying to invest in the “arbitrage”. After filling up the form below, we will contact the writer.  If the writer agrees, you buy it from the writer through us then we will move it to your account so you can get all of its ads revenue, you can not move it out of our site and all the user agreement applies in this case. The writer’s name will still show up at the end of the article.

Please login in to the site to see the hiden form here:

  • Login to the site and go to the the article you want
  • In the bottom of the article click on "Offer to buy this article" link


Study case:

if you can bring traffic,  the average  article cost you between $2 to $6 where as it gives you from $10 to $20 most of the time. Although there is no grantee you will get the same result, this estimation built on a lot of real data.

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