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Article Income Prediction Calculator

by Alumniyat Team
Income Prediction Calculator

What does this Income Prediction Calculator do?

When you join us in Alumniyat Program to Encourage Talented Writers, we recommend using this calculator to get an idea about the yearly income.

It predicts what you are getting from writing one article over one or more years. It assumes that you will get 1,000 unique visitors to read your article a year. Your article will likely get an amount somewhere between the minimum and the maximum depending on the country of the visitors. You get the maximum if all your 1,000 visitors are from the USA. You will get the minimum if all the visitors from other counties where the ads cost the lowest.

In order to use it start by putting how many years that the calculator will predict, then when the next field appears, fill in the number of words in that one article and wait for the results. If you want to help us improve the calculator please hit “send the result for us.” If you want to start another calculation just clear the first field and start over.


What is next:

If you are a writer, please join us at our writers program and start gaining money

If you already in the program, then login and add another new article now.

Note: This resulting calculation is not a guarantee of how much you will make but can help you plan your articles.

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