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Alumniyat Program to Encourage Talented Writers

by Alumniyat Team

Talented Writers

Register, write, enjoy, and get some money back.  Our Alumniyat Program is to encourage talented writersThis program aims to help you share your opinion about various subjects. If you are interested in a long-run investment in your writing, this is the right place to get your first dollar as a writer, and from there, the sky is the limit! If you are interested, please apply by filling out this form:

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  • Letters and numbers without space
  • Click in the middle of the field
  • Please make sure to put the correct email and check the spam folder for the activation link if required
  • It is optional, but we might use it to contact you in case you do not answer your email.
  • Choose the correct payment method for your country so we can pay you.


Note: this program is for freelance writers or anyone who enjoys writing as a hobby, but if you are a writer, you still can join and get money from sharing the articles’ URLs and commenting on others’ articles.

In this program, you as the writer have the opportunity to write articles for our site and get a portion of the ad revenue from your articles. You will also get a small reward based on the number of words you write.

Payment Details:

You will get $1 for each 1000 visits on your article. We will pay you when you get to a threshold of $20. For more details, please refer to item 17 in the User Agreement.


Because of the nature of the SEO and the traffic to the sites and the recent start of the program, it will take about 6 months for the serious writer to start getting a profit from the visits, so we decided to give a simple encouraging reward for the writers until they start making the right amount of money. The writer will still have the right to gain from his or her articles, even during the start-up period. The reward will be:

  • $1.00 USD for every 2,500 words. The words can be in one or more articles.
  • $1.00 USD for every 2,500 words in the comments. The comments should be on other people articles.
  • $1.00 USD for every 2,500 words in the Facebook comments. This is when you share the url of your articles or others.
  • $1.00 USD for every 2,500 shares and likes in the Facebook. This is when you share the url of your articles or others.


A small bonus might be given for excellent articles, depending on the availability of funds in the program. The quality of the articles will be determined by our editor using this table to determine the score.  


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