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Add a Question that Needs Answer

by Alumniyat Team

You can add any question that in your mind and get paid as long as it agrees with the user agreement of our website. Please describe your question in detail so the one who wants to answer answers in detail. Also, you can write your own questions and answer them and get a reward.


Note: In order for us to accept the question,  it should follow all the writing rules of an article but it can be as short as 50 words only.  Also please beware that we take plagiarism seriously and we do not accept any question that is already published on the internet.


Why does Alumniyat started this question and answer program?

  • We need to encourage people to think and write regardless of the length of the post.
  • We need to encourage independent thinking and free speech concept.
  • We need to get new ideas for our writers to write about.



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