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Benefits of Running on Treadmill

by Mohamed Karni

If you walk on the Treadmill at home & searching for the Health Benefits of walking on Treadmill every day, then this article is for you as we cover all the details such as benefits of the treadmill for belly fat, treadmill benefits, and disadvantages, walking on treadmill incline vs running, etc.

Is doing 1 hour on the treadmill good enough to lose weight? - QuoraHope you all will enjoy this.

As we all know that there are countless health benefits of walking every day but there are many people who don’t manage their schedule to walk outside so they Buy Treadmill and Start walking when they get time.

This is well & Good but if you manage your time to go outside then this is best for your health as you get fresh air & your mood also gets fresh after it.

Before we cover the Health Benefits of walking on a Treadmill. We make you know about the different types of treadmills for Home Use.

There are 2 types of Treadmills

1) Manual Treadmill – Treadmill that doesn’t require any electricity to operate & use. These types of Treadmill are called Manual Treadmill.

The main advantage of the Manual Treadmill is that you will never get hurt or fell down due to the belt Speed as it works manually when you run or walk on it.

You will have to pay very less for servicing as there are very fewer parts which get damaged and no tension of Motor being Burnt. Manual Treadmill comes at very low Price as compare to other Treadmill.

2) Electronic/Motorized – As already known Electronic Treadmill are those who run when we connect it with Electricity. It works due to rolling motors & belts. When we turn on the power supply the Motor rotates and due to this Belt starts moving.

The Quality of Electronic depends on its Motor (H.P) it varies with the price if you want good quality with heavy motor then you will have to pay more.

But we recommend you to go with a minimum of 1.5 H.P Motor Treadmill for Running as well as walking purpose. Only go with heavy one if you are buying the Running machine for Commercial use, not for Home.

10 Important Health Benefits of walking on the Treadmill every day

These benefits really motivate you to run more & more on the Treadmill.

  1. Improve Blood Circulation
  2. Lose Weight
  3. Strengthen Muscles
  4. Boost Immune function
  5. Lighten Your Mood
  6. Improve Sleep
  7. Improve Your Breath
  8. Support Your Joints
  9. Slow Down Mental Decline
  10. Promotes sexual health

1) Improve Blood Circulation – Walking makes your Heart Healthy if your heart is healthy then it will pump your blood properly through the body.

2) Lose Weight – There are many people in India who are suffering from obesity & this really very badly affects their Health there are many severe diseases such as diabetes, High blood pressure, Heart disease, Stroke, Fatty liver, etc can cause if you are overweight.

There are many methods to reduce your weight but walking & Running is the best method among all. So try to walk early morning or at night this will really help you to reduce your weight.

3) Strengthen Muscles – Walking pumps your Arms & Legs. This increases your range of motion, shifting the pressure and weight from your joints to your muscles. It really helps you to get rid of muscle pain.

If you walk 30-40-min a day, initially it Strengthens your muscles that may pain allot but after a week you will rid of every muscle pain and your muscles shifted at their places. So we recommend you to walk.

4) Boost Immune Function – Walking also works as Immunity Boost only if you follow your daily routine. A study found that walking 30-min a day, at least 5 days a week reduces 43% chances of getting sick.

It will also protect you during cold and flu season as it boosts your immune power. So do friendship with walking & Say Bye-bye to the flu.

5) Lighten Your Mood – Just imagine it’s morning & you are going for a walk with ear plugin & your favorite song play. Do you think your mind gets to relax? Obviously “Yes” because I experience the same.

A California State University, Long Beach, study showed that the more steps people took during the day, the better their moods were. If you are using a treadmill then you get the best-inbuilt sound that relaxes your mind and boosts your energy level.

6) Improve Sleep – Morning or Night Walk control the body’s metabolism that helps the body to get relax. You can also experience when you walk then you feel sleepy too early at night.

And studies also prooves that walking 30-min to 1 Hour a day can help in insomnia. So if you want to improve your Sleep then Just Set your alarm, make your routine and Go for a walk.

7) Improve Your Breath – Walking & Running really improve your Breath as you run you take much more air into your lungs and this increases the Oxygen level in your Blood & eliminates waste products from your body that increase your energy level.

8) Support Your Joints – Joints Pain is very common if you are above 40 either you are men or women there are more then 90% of people who are suffering from joint pain. This is really painful even you can’t sit properly if you have severe Joint pain.

9) Slow Down Mental Decline – This generally occurs when you cross the age of 60 & there is approx no medical treatment for this according to Harvard University but it can be cured by walking 1 Hour a day.

This is not proven but sometimes it helps you. Doing something is always better than doing nothing, So if you have this problem then please try to do Walking daily.

10) Promotes Sexual Health – Walking helps to boost blood circulation and thus cuts down impotency. If you are facing this problem then walking is the best medicine. This really improves your performance.

Abobe we cover all the Top 10 Health Benefits of walking on the treadmill every day. We recommend if you don’t manage your time to go out or lazy enough to go out the but the Best Treadmill for Home use and whenever you get time Just walk or run on it.

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