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At The End of a Rope

by Lucy Diana


John walks into the room with the confidence of a lion. He struts across the room nose in the air feeling like he is high and mighty. His eyes scan the room as he strokes his beard. John sighs in distress and is unable to keep up with the questions in his head. However, the questions mostly seemed rhetorical. He was also afraid that maybe this time he would not be able to break the case. Therefore, his confidence level went down a hill on a scale fast. The team in the room looked keenly as Detective John put his skills to work.

The Detective put his almond eyes to work and looked keenly. He examined every detail in the room but shook his head. Thus showing distress. The fellow walked to the balcony that was across the colossal room where he met a grotesque scene.
Dangling from a rope was a middle-aged woman of African heritage. She had shiny dark skin and natural beauty. Around 5 feet of height and tuft hair that looked like a beauty instead of a flaw. Despite that her lips were pale, and one could clearly see that her body was lifeless. The lady’s lifeless body had a rope tied around her neck with a blue lining around the rope. Consequently, showing strangulation.

The rope extended to the large room and tied to the legs of the sofa set. The rope too went around the room, across space in the room and over the balcony. It was a thick strong sisal rope. Used only in sailboats.

The body was finally taken off the balcony after a couple of photographs were taken. It was placed amid the room for a slight examination. John looked closely at the body of the now known Azula and took down notes. On her neck, were not only marks showing strangulation but also scratch marks using an object. Moreover, the object used looked like a compass. Azula’s legs and arms were tied.

At last, the body was taken away. There was a strange book on the table. John took it and flipped through. It explained some strange old traditional rituals that were apparently in the 1900s. Some were just a few tricks to the relaxation of the mind; others were to scare off bad omen and others were just strange and mysterious.

In the book, he found instructions to strange rituals that were meant to remove bad spirits from possessed people. Nonetheless, only done by the person. Strange and disturbing. Azula had assumed one of the positions in the book. This position seemed impossible to do by oneself.

Judging from the victim’s medical records, the lass was suffering from depression and had also attempted suicide several times. John then assumed that probably this time her attempts to take her life succeeded but how did she tie both her legs at the back and feet and still jump off the balcony?

Apart from the book, other objects in the room would probably help solve the mystery. There was a knife, a clean robe, a few droplets of blood, and a tin half-empty with morphine tablets sprawl on the floor. The checked the room for fingerprints but there were none apart from Azula who the only tenant of the house was. This was a homicide. John needed to figure out the story and most importantly the perpetrator.

This case puzzled John. In essence, everyone must dance with the grim reaper but first what takes you to the grim reaper’s ballroom for a dance? He had to figure it out.

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