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What are the Dangers of Smoking?

by Mohamed Karni

Smoking is hazardous to health, and it leads to many chronic diseases such as lung cancer, throat cancer and more. If you are a frequent smoker, it is going to be hard for you to escape from the clutch of Smoking.

Smoking affects every organ of your body and to maintain good health; you need to quit smoking as early as possible.

Here is a list of Top 7 Reasons why Smoking is Dangerous and why you should quit and become a non-smoker.

1. Smoking Reduces Immunity – Researchers have found Smoking increases the chances of picking up several common diseases and work as a glue for the disease. It lessens your Immune Response. It suppresses the antibody sells that are suppose to fight pathogens.

2. Smoking Makes You Look Older – Smoking deprives your skin of Oxygen and Nutrients, thereby causing uneven skin tone and wrinkles, making you look older and haggard. Only quitting smoking can help you out. As your blood flow increases with time, your skin will start getting more oxygen and nutrients. This will help you become youthful and have healthy skin and better complexion.

3. Smoking is leading Cause of Lung Cancer – In most of the Lung Cancer cases around the globe, smoking is found as the leading cause. There is a rapid increase in people dying of lung cancer than prostate, ovarian, and breast cancer combined. Smoking causes lung cancer in Smokers as well as in people who are Passive Smokers* as they are exposed to a contaminated environment. The lungs are very delicate organs. Their job is to clean the blood of carbon dioxide, produced in the body, and to enrich it with oxygen so that the blood can deliver this to all parts of your body. This exchange takes place in the alveoli, the end part of the lungs. Their walls consist of a microscopically thin layer. Blood vessels run along one side and red blood cells loaded with carbon dioxide get close to this fragile wall. On the other side of it is air containing oxygen. While close to the wall carbon dioxide is exchanged for oxygen, you breathe out the carbon dioxide, and the blood cells travel on, loaded with fresh oxygen. Now imagine this delicate thin wall covered with a thick black goo, sticky and disgusting. ‘Nough said.

*Passive Smoker – Someone who doesn’t smoke but hangs around a smoker or a group of smokers.

4. Smoking Costs you Money -You may not realize this, but you spend a lot of money on Smoking. It is not just hazardous to your health but also your pocket.

5. Smoking Can Make you go Blind – Smoking increases the risk of Uveitis that is inflammation in the middle layer of eyes, Cataract that is clouding of the eye, and Glaucoma that is damage in the eye’s optic nerve that can lead to total blindness.

6. Smoking affects Fertility In Men – In men smoking damages the sperms and reduces its ability to fertilize an egg. Smoking causes accumulation of plaque in the arteries, which creates an obstruction in blood flow. This is considered as one of the primary causes of erectile dysfunction.

7. Smoking affects Pregnancy In Women – In women, smoking fastens the rate of losing fertile eggs. Also, it increases the chance of prostate and ovarian cancer. Smoking also leads to Pregnancy Complications like Ectopic Pregnancy.

8. Smokers have higher carbon-monoxide content in their blood. Carbon-monoxide sticks to the red blood cells – it is stickier than oxygen, so the red blood cells have difficulty getting rid of it and swapping it with oxygen in the lungs. The carbon-monoxide / blood cell combination is called carboxyhemoglobin. There is some carbon-monoxide in the air and some is also produced in the body, so non-smokers have some in their system too – but the level is usually below 1.5%. In smokers, this is much higher: 3 to 15%. I tested my breath right after smoking a cigarette because we had this new gadget on the ward. My carbon-monoxide level was 13%. Studies have shown that smokers with a carboxyhemoglobin level of 5% are 21 times more likely to have heart disease such as heart attacks, for example.

Smoking acts as a slow poison that slowly eats up all your body if you want a happy and healthy life its better if you Quit Smoking before it’s too late!

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