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What are the benefits of skipping a rope?

by Mohamed Karni

Rope Skipping Benefits are numerous:

  • Creates and improves timing/rhythm
  • Improves whole-body coordination
  • Improves elastic energy tolerance, especially in the calves/ankles and to some degree the upper legs too (depending on the type of skipping you do) — can lead to mild jump height improvements and explosive power expression
  • Improves anaerobic energy system output (if you train it at higher/faster intensities for shorter bursts <90 sec)
  • Improves aerobic energy system output (if you train at lower/slower intensities for longer bursts >2minutes)
  • As a result of both of those things is great for your cardiovascular system and heart health
  • Impossible to cheat (whereas jumping on the spot can easily be manipulated in your favor — you can’t cheat a rope twirling around you so you have to get clearance)
  • Good for reducing postural strains because it’s impossible to cheat. You have to stay tall in the torso/head and use good overall body positioning.
  • Improves footwork and creativity
  • Can easily put you into multiple planes of movement unlike more traditional forms of cardiovascular endurance training that typically rely on singular planes of movements (cycling, running, rowing, etc…)
  •  Good for the digestive system and digestion process.
  •  Benefits height, if done regularly.
  • Improves respiratory system.
  • Increases stamina.
  • Excellent for muscle toning of legs and arms.
  • Helps shed extra fat from the stomach area too.
  •  It involves work out of most of your body parts together.
  •  Burns calories at a fast rate.

You can incorporate it in many different fashions and it should be suited to what you’re attempting to train with it. If you want more of the explosive speed benefits, put short intervals first in a session. If you want more aerobic or cardiovascular benefits then put it near the end of a training session. You could even make it the bulk of your training for a particular day. There are no hard rules, it all depends on what you want to use it for.

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