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Top 5 Online Business Ideas That Will Earn You Money Quickly

by brian adego

Starting an online business can be frustrating. Not only does it require so much time to set up, but it also takes longer before it can gain good traffic hence enough popularity. Let’s face it; the scope of any business enterprise is to attract many customers and buyers and to be able to retain these customers. Having at least one among the skills discussed below can be a great way of earning extra income.

  • Web Design

Many business enterprises today want to have a big audience. A key thing in the building of a good website is its design. If you have top-notch web design skills, then you should opt for this one. The pay for a web designer is great and is thus a good hustle.


  • Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is one of the best online business ideas you can ever come across. There is a very high probability that you encountered an affiliate marketer in the last two weeks. You have probably seen them persuading people to use a particular product or brand. It may not necessarily be physical since they do most of their work online. If they can convince you to use that brand or product, then they earn a commission from it. To do this kind of job, you have to be able to convince people pretty much. What’s more important is that you should have a good following in your social media accounts. Affiliate marketing is much like advertising hence the need for an engaging social media audience.

affiliate marketing technique

Affiliate Marketing

  •  Social Media Consultant

Having a website or any online platform is not enough. You want to have people always visiting your site. We all have to agree that just dumping whatever you have on your website in social media not enough. You want to get the attention of the people. That’s where the social media consultants come in. If you can effectively persuade netizens to choose a particular brand or product, then you should take up social media consultancy. Big business such as Amazon and Jumia in Africa make use of social media in many ways.

different social media platforms

  • SEO consultant

All brands today want to be at the very top. SEO rankings are important as they ascertain that a brand is doing quite well. Getting the right keywords for an online business enterprise can be difficult. That is why SEO consultants are always needed to make sure that the business is at the very top. It is a nice hustle if you have experience with how web pages work to get information to the consumer.  

an image showing how seo is done

  • Freelancing

Freelance is a synonym of self-employed or independent. Starting a freelance online business is usually a great way to start. Moreover, everyone loves to start with something that they are comfortable with. So if you’re good at writing, you can think about starting a blog. If you are good at coding, you can think about becoming a freelance developer. The flexibility in freelancing is so seductive that we have seen many people today falling to its whims.

a notebook with a title "freelance"

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