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Run – The Power

by Anna Giorgobiani

If we look back in our childhood memories we may all found that little situations when we hurt a leg while playing in the yard and our parents take us home Internally. you were trying to avoid your look at your wounds and often said to your mother:,- mom, please, faster, they are waiting.” your leg is soon treated, but none lets you play again you are crying heartily, your salty drops makes you wet your innocent lips and you, full of hate to those everyone you lock yourself in an empty room. you calm down soon, but you gladly play the role of the oppressed. sit down angry and still waiting for someone who starts talking to you warmly. you are waiting for to not communicate and this calmed down this childish, delicate self-esteem, but the door doesn’t open and yous wish gets more eager and eager to run. Not understand anything you stand up from bad for a second you feel push from the back, but the pain from feeling of helplessness takes you back to bad. you pull your head into a pillow and hardly hold your hands over your eyes, not to cry. The colorful figures are appearing in black space, you avoid hands from your eyes and these figures are fitting the walls of your room. Some seconds you enjoy this game, but than scatter, soon you open your eyes and angry about your behavior asking yourself: I must be running and what am I doing? ” you don’t want to understand how unreal your wish was and try to find something that you can depend on.exhausting from the river of emotions you take your head in the pillow, but you feel the ball  in the throat and you can’t stop crying, your eyes are burning, you feel drops in your chicks and, you think will you reach or not for any of the pillows and getting nervous, because you don’t want that someone mentions you were crying and every feeling soon changes to exhaustion and you open the door of dreams, with a hope that you will have the power in that unrealistic world to run.
After years, when you grow up you realize that the hardest thing was staying. It’s like you are standing to new experiences and you are happy because there is no more feeling of helplessness, no more feeling os daring, the more problems you imagine in life more you wish to soon get into problem situations, where you should fight to survive.
Time is running and you understand that the biggest and most longterm power into you is hope, childish hope that you can run, not the courage.

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