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What Are The Best Attributes of a Good Mother?

by Mohamed Karni

How can we define a mother? - Quora


I just can’t see a baby cry!

It’s a natural instinct in every female to have motherly qualities.

Though I am not a mother yet, I can surely be a good mother.

I look at babies as the most delicate and precious beings. Not just human babies, literally I love all babies from rat to elephant.

Babies are just amazingly innocents. Their innocence and dependence on elders put them in vulnerable positions.

We bring them to this world and it’s our responsibility to give them what they deserve.

  1. The mother is the only source of food to babies in their initial months of life. Mothers should breastfeed their babies as long as possible. It is our duty to provide them with good health. I literally hate mothers who stop breastfeeding their babies solely for beauty and stuff. I see breastfeeding as a GIFT that females are privileged to have. The very feeling that you are feeding your hungry baby itself would be amazing.
  2. I have involved in fights with mothers and fathers who beat their children. Beating within limits is justified to some extent. Yet, I just can’t imagine a person of 70 kg weight beating a delicate child of 20 kg weight. I still can’t understand how could someone hurt those little beings. Mothers should restrict themselves from hurting their children physically as much as possible. We are mature enough to understand the situations, but children are not. They just don’t know/understand everything happening. It’s not their fault. It is nature’s design. We have to understand their inability and innocence and restrict ourselves from hurting them. I would call it as COMPASSION. Nothing other than COMPASSION defines a mother I would say.
  3. Giving good MENTAL HEALTH to children is as important as giving them good physical health. Children are not dustbins to dump our frustrations. They deserve to be happy. We have no right to spoil their happiness and childhood fun. A mother would know to LOVE her children and VALUE their happiness more than anything.
  4. How many mothers here HUG and KISS their children every day? What else can be the best medicine than a mother’s HUG? I wish every mother simply hug their children whenever the children are in fear, anger, etc. Even after the children become adults, they still need to be hugged and kissed by their mothers to feel LOVED and SECURED.

Motherhood is one beautiful thing any female could experience. How adorable it is to feel those tiny beings in our arms! ? Aww<3

Can’t say more. Ladies! Enjoy being a mother.

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