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What are Some Good Habits to Become a Good Writer?

by Mohamed Karni

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My suggestions to become an excellent writer are as under:

Write for a specific audience. Do not write merely to express yourself. If you target an audience then you will write with the focus that the said audience has certain expectations in terms of content, quality, frequency, and length of your writing. You are then able to narrow down your thoughts and style to meet the expectations of your audience. Occasionally, you would get feedback from your audience and that can motivate you, help you course correct, give you ideas for more content, etc.

Be disciplined. Write regularly. Ideally set a fixed time and place to write. If you simply wait for ideas to flow, then the chances are that your written output could be sketchy, sporadic, and simplistic. Discipline will ensure your output is prolific, you get to exercise your thinking powers and with the practice, you get from being prolific, the quality of your output would be better.

Increase your vocabulary. Repeating words, using an inappropriate word, and getting stuck for lack of a suitable word when writing, is the bane of aspiring writers. Reading more, making notes of new words, using a thesaurus when writing are my suggestions to expand your vocabulary.

Carve out your style of writing. Since we tend to learn by rote, there is a danger that we would also end up aping a writer we like or a style we adore. Hence you must carve out your style so that your writing is different, distinct, and discerning in content and presentation.

  1. To be a great writer, one must make reading books both your passion and hobby.
  2. One needs an abundance of creativity and imagination to write well.
  3. The writing profession doesn’t pay you well in the initial days, therefore one has work other jobs to earn a living.
  4. One should be able to communicate ideas easily and be aware of the writer’s block (the author loses the ability to produce new work, or experiences a creative slowdown).

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Boluwatife Oricha July 29, 2020 - 8:02 am

Very nice article. I have a few questions though; Isn’t writing designed to express our own thoughts? why do we have to narrow our thoughts to suit the viewers when they can always tailor themselves to relate to anything we write?

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