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by Achsah Varghese

As soon as I got an assignment on writing about love I made a writing strategy as to how to start with the definition and to body it with my experience and conclude it with quotes. So then I started off with searching on google the definition of love and what I found is About 4,46,00,00,000 results (0.59 seconds).  The browsing started off very smoothly found some cliche dictionary meanings, famous writer’s meanings, and so on. Some of the cliche definitions I found for love are strong affection for someone, an attraction based on sexual interest, blah, blah, blah…! And then when I searched for what true love is the first definition I saw was “True love is strong and lasting affection between spouses or lovers who are in a happy passionate and fulfilling relationship.”


What I believe is every living being has its own definition of love. Everyone has his or her definition of it. Well if you ask me what my definition is? I would say “Friendship” Ok! To the SRK fans, I don’t mean to copy his dialogue in the movie “Kuch Kuch Hota Hein”. But I genuinely feel he was right, and I do have points to support my statement.


Well if you look at the definition for True love and the last few words in it happy, passionate, and fulfilling, cutting out the passionate, does everyone have a happy and fulfilling relationship?  What is your definition of being happy and fulfilled? For me, it is to be myself follow and work for my passions doing what I like which is right and genuine. And I know that is the case for most of us.


The next two questions will give you the answer to what love truly means. Whom do you actually behave yourself with? Who knows your deepest secrets? Think about it. Well, obviously it’s your best friends. You wouldn’t want your parents or any other member of your family to know the swearing side of yours or that you stalk the opposite sex or… Nah never mind. I wouldn’t expect you to be telling everything to your partner in love as well (whether it is bf or gf husband or wife) what will they think? Wouldn’t it be awkward? So I’m sure this has concluded on two points first your best friends know the real you second they know your secrets (good or nasty).


Third, now that your friends know everything about you do they judge you on it. Do you feel that awkwardness with them like you have with the others? Do you even think before sharing anything with them or being yourself? NO right?! Aren’t you really happy with being around with them? Don’t you feel fulfilled?


Lastly, think about this why is breakup always there in one corner of your brains in a love relationship, whether it is with your life partner or love partner or even family (family as in parents and siblings because one day you have to move out of that zone to become independent)? Why doesn’t this breakup with best friends ever strike our heads? Even if the rest of the relationships break friendship wouldn’t break. Yes, we may fight but we do come back but it’s not the same with the others. 


So if friendship is love why don’t we just be that best friend to our parents to our siblings and to our life partner. Try it you’ll see the difference both in you and them.


All the best!


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