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During the Covid-19 Pandemic Digital Solutions a Sole Remedy

by Muhammad Irfan

During the Covid-19 Pandemic Digital Solutions a Sole Remedy
The Covid-19 pandemic has profoundly affected all aspects of our social life, whether in our work, in our home, or our daily routines. To try to resist this crisis, society can survive in all these domains, through the digital solution. Without digital communication, people cannot stay in touch with many others in chats and video conferencing. They cannot work remotely. They do not have access to school work on the Internet. They do not have online courses and they do not have descriptive promos in museums or virtual clubs.
However, the current situation does not allow the potential to be recalculated digitally, notably in the domains of work and formation. With telegraph and distant schooling, people have a real-time experience that allows them to change their habitats.
They must continue to avail of the mentioned-above solutions without measuring the effect of the pandemic, which is still imminent. At the time, 36% of interrogated persons in many surveys declared themselves to be using digital facilities for the concerned domains during the COVID-19. Most recently, an IPSOS survey for the Center for Political Science Research at CEVIPOF demonstrates that currently, 34% of all French employees are in full-time telecommunications. Since March, several pay-per-view designs have been imposed on their population.
Still, many peoples in many countries do not have access to practicing telecommunication. The basis of digital solutions is intended to work in distance.
The application of visual conferences would increase day by day and all such engagements must be conducted in webinars till the end of this year 2020. Similarly, the education sector could not ignore distant classes to be started.
Education is confronted with the same havoc and is forcibly put to pursue digital solutions. As of July 27, 2020, the Covid-19 pandemic caused trouble to more than 1.8 billion infants and young people in 161 countries, accounting for about 80% of the world’s scores. This situation was very alarming for the governments and peoples of the said countries who left with no option other than pursuing digital solutions.
However, the variety in the application and usage of the said digital devices and related technologies would take further boom and the distant interaction in all domains of human works including school systems would take the easiest form in the upcoming days.

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