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Disadvantages of Online Learning

by brian adego

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We all have to agree that online learning is slowly becoming the new norm. Even though a good number of educational experts are pushing for this kind of learning, we still have strong forces to reckon with before it can be embraced to entirety. Some of the factors that will hinder the development of online learning are discussed below:

  • Expensive Internet/ Poor Internet Connection/ Lack of Internet
    Internet bundles and subscriptions are expensive especially to the middle class and lower-class families. This implies that a good number of students will miss out thus learning becoming inequitable.


  • Expensive Gadgets and Machinery.
    Acquiring smartphones and laptops is not easy for all yet these gadgets are essential to ascertain that e-learning is successful. This has led to a surge in crimes and immoral behavior. For instance, a student in the Philippines engaged in cybersex to buy a laptop.


  • Poor Syllabus Coverage.
    Low student turnout and thus low teacher motivation have led to poor syllabus coverage. This is most rampant especially in third world countries due to inconsistencies in student attendance.


  • Inequitable Learning.
    Online learning is only for a few well-to-do. A majority of the students who are from poor families are guaranteed to miss out. They will be some years late for their studies.

online learning vs face to face learning

  •  No Personal Interaction
    Personal interaction between teachers and students is critical. It helps the teacher to evaluate the student and know their areas of strength and weakness. It also allows the teacher to offer personal support to such students where they have weaknesses. With online learning, this is almost impossible since teachers and students are not interacting regularly.


  • Poor Performing Professionals.
    This is the ultimate disadvantage. The education sector will be producing theoretical graduates with no practical skills. This will ultimately arise to a surge of half-baked graduates who are lazy to keep up with the pressure applied to informal institutions.

poor-performing professional

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