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Inspiring Story of Ali Banat

by gourav gourav

Ali Banat was born on 16 February 1982 in Australia. Ali, an Australian businessman, was known for his royal lifestyle. But four years ago, when he was diagnosed with cancer, his life changed. The Sydney-based businessman sold crores of rupees to his company, not only did he sell his designer clothes and whatever money he got, he went to Togo, Africa and built a mosque there and the local people raised children. Also opened a school. Additionally, in Togo, he opened a charity called “Muslims Around the World” (MATW), which aims to help the poor and the needy.

Apart from this, Ali also gave money to build an entire village there. Where more than two hundred widows lived. At the same time donated money to open a medical center for 600 orphans to get schools and good health facilities. Although he lost the battle of cancer. But the vivacity and good intent that he worked with is an example to the world. After his death, his followers donated over one and a half million dollars in the name of MATW. So that these missions continue
Ali Banat died in Sydney, Australia on May 29, 2018, due to stage 4 cancer.

The Ali Banat story inspires us and tells us that many things. The first thing is that life is too short and we are wasting our life. We are finding happiness in parties discos but real happiness is to help everyone. There are many villages in the world where they have no food, no school. We can’t imagine the lives of those people And secondly, do not hate and discriminate against anyone. If you bring happiness to someone’s face with your little help. So what is evil? if you help anyone God also helps. You die but your good deeds never die. spread love spread happiness.

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