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Criticism VS Compliments – Feedback ( Detailed )

by Wilma Cabelite

What Feedback Is More Important Criticism Or Compliments?

Every time you work on something you may receive feedback from the other people, whether it’s a compliment or criticism. But how do we really deal with feedback? Which one is more important and which one should be acknowledged by us?

We cannot control other people’s opinions or feedback on the things that you are doing, it is necessary for us to receive any of the two. But what is important is how we are going to take those feedback. It’s either we are going to use it as our motivation or opposite of it.

What is a compliment?

  • An expression of praise towards a certain output
  • Usually, it boosts someone’s morale and confidence
  • Its a form acknowledgment of someone’s effort or hard work

Usually compliments are more on having positive insights towards someone’s output. Feedback like this can make a certain person feel appreciated. Moreover, there are some compliments that can be formed in a positive-negative-positive statement. Wherein the feedback is still in a compliment form but it will also point out some minor mistakes on your work/output.

However, there is a disadvantage when you are the type of person who keeps giving more compliments as feedback then you won’t tell something that you think needed to improve there is a tendency that a particular person won’t do something new or she/he will just stick in that idea. Since compliments is also a means of good acknowledgment or feedback, people who receive tend to be too competent about his/her performance.

That’s why positive-negative-positive feedback has made to balance the recognition that is giving to a certain person. Some negative will be a point in order for you to level up yourself and your performance. That’s how this type of feedback works but again it is more on pointing out the good in the presentation.

Effects on receiving Compliments:

  • It boosts confidence.
  • It makes you feel better.
  • It is able to recognize hard work.
  • It relief some stress.
  • It can also cause being too competent.
  • To act superior than to others.


What is criticism?

  • An analysis or judgment to one’s work/output
  • An expression of disapproval on someones or something works
  • It’s a merit of faults or mistakes

Most of the time this type of feedback which is criticism really comes in a more harsh form of feedback because this really going to point out most of the mistakes or faults in someone’s work. Therefore, most of the people who receive criticism lose their confidence because they feel that they fail something.

Effects of Criticism:

  • It weakens self-esteem.
  • It makes you somehow feel bad.
  • Emotional attacks.
  • Feel pressure.
  • Feel to be inferior from the others
  • It can cause stress

These are just some of the effects that can cause a person when they receive a criticism type of feedback.

In relation, we can have both since there is a type of feedback called constructive criticism, wherein the feedback will mostly point out your mistakes for you to improve it but won’t express disapproval. In this kind of opinion, a recommendation will be given by the people who will comment on your work or output. Therefore, the tendency of being offended will be lessened since constructive criticism consists of recognition of the effort put in, then pointing mistakes or minor adjustments will be followed, and lastly a recommendation will be given to someone’s work.

Some successful professionals said that they encourage everyone to have constructive feedback than having a compliment and criticism. For a reason that it makes a certain person to challenge herself/himself to do more and to do not slack off in his/her performance. In that way, they will be more productive in improving themselves.

How to handle feedbacks:

  • Practice some relaxation.
  • Do some distressing activity.
  • Conversation with other people can fade away the heavy feelings.
  • Listen to some music.
  • Eat some sweets.
  • Don’t isolate yourself.
  • Ask for some advice about what you feel about the feedback you heard.
  • Have some venting mechanism.
  • Reward yourself regardless you receive criticism or compliments.

As a matter of fact, it really depends on us on how we are going to deal with this feedback. If we are going to be open-minded, matured, and professional in situations like this. I guarantee that you can deal with both compliments and criticism. Improvement never ends once you are able to achieve one’s goal, learning is a lifelong process. Your ability and capacity not always depend on what other people say or what is their opinion about it. It always depends on how you see yourself in everything you are doing. Only you are the one who knows everything about you. Therefore do not get too affected about it, there are a lot of chances that will be given to you to improve.

Receiving any of these two types of feedback won’t lessen your personality because knowing the fact that you able to do your best on it, it is already an acknowledgment for yourself. And you should be proud of it because you do efforts and other stuff for you to do your part.

Always have a balance satisfaction with or without earning the claps and crowd of the people who will judge you and your work. Do not expect too much do not put your head too high. Be humble about you and your work, when you are the one who receives compliments learn how to acknowledge other people who aren’t able to receive some of it. 

The best advice when you receive criticism is to always take it as a motivation for you to improve more because that is really a criticism meant for, even though it might hurt your feelings. In a real-life situation we cannot control situations like that. Not everyone is perfect that’s why everyone may receive those kinds of comments.

We’re not really obligated to rely on those comments but if we know that, one’s opinion will help us grow and improve. We may take those as a tip of advice.

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