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College Student, Or Fresh Out Of College: Ideas on How to Make Money from Farming

by Mercy Kamau

When you are in college, a moment comes and you realize that the pocket money your parents give you is not enough. So what next? You got to think out of the box, or out of the nest. It’s time to start generating your income, no matter how small it is. It’s better than nothing, plus a little of something goes a long way. Here’s a practical idea on how you can make money.

1. Ask your parents to lend you some land

First, if your parents own some land where you can grow crops, then you are good to go. Ask your parents if they can allow you to use a portion of their land. If you are not able to get land from your parents, you can lease some land from a farmer. Make sure to check around for the right price of the lease for the period you will farm. Negotiate the price with the land owner, or you can agree to pay them when you sell the crop. Here, you can start to grow crops that interest you or those that are very marketable. Look, it’s not expensive to start farming. The best thing about this idea is that you can start with a little pocket money.

2. Look, it’s not expensive at all

I’ll break it down to what you need to start with affordably. First, decide on which crop you want to grow, it can be bell peppers, onions, or kales. Then, go buy seeds from your local farm shop. The seeds can cost around $4 if you want to farm on one acre of land. Thirdly, prepare a nursery bed for the seeds. You don’t need to hire labor for small work. Because you want to lower the costs.

3. Enjoy getting your hands dirty

As the seedlings grow, you have the time to prepare the main land where you will grow your crop. You can begin to prepare the land, where you will transplant your seedlings. If the work is too much, then you can hire a worker to help. Ensure that you have your preferred water source and method of irrigation. Please check out the drip irrigation method, it’s the best and it’s affordable too.

4. Put in the right work, and be patient for the right results

Remember, that you need to get your hands dirty. Don’t get someone to do all the manual work for you while you sit pretty giving them instructions. Farming from the start to the finish is adventurous for anyone. So grab yourself a seat on this farming wagon, and get to see your crop mature. Oh, and did I mention the thrill of counting money after the day sales of your crop. Hop on, and be part of something you will proud of in your life.

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