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How No Fap can change your life

by Mridul

To everyone who don’t know what is NoFap , you really need to read this because this was one of the most essential thing in my life.
Q. What is No Fap challenge ?
NoFap is a challenge taken by people (with big brain) in which one does not have masturbate , have sex or simply not to release their semen . Sounds simple but by far is one of the toughest .

Q. Why should you do it ?
Since the world has changed massively from to past to now , the identity of women has too changed a lot in the minds of people and are being treated as a satisfactory object from an identity of god (Hinduism) . This also leads to have nervousness against females among males and by these reasons some immature teens spread the fake news about women . For example like “girls are hard to get , they so complicated etc.”
Because of the trash talkers we all do not have a positive image of females around us.

Now lets talk about some benefits of No Fap :
Because of our daily exhausting lifestyle you somehow manage to spare 30 minutes of your day trying to look for a masterpiece to shake your banana . An average porn watching session lasts for 30 minutes and you tend to watch it every day . That is over 150+ hours in an year and almost 1500 hours in 8 years. I will talk about why I have taken 8 years later in this article .
Just look at the numbers mate . Imagine working out or reading a book for 1500 hours .
Take a moment and realize how stupid are you.

Wait a moment this is not all , now I will also shine some knowledge on some of the scientific fasts :
1. Your confidence will be boosted and you will feel significant changes on your attitude .
2. You will benefit better decision making skills .(oh you thought you were making better decisions in choosing your masterpiece ? think again .
3. You will be more attracted by the other gender , which not only means in Physical look but you will have a more natural and positive vibe around you.
4. This will also have some benefits in removing acne,pimples and other facial problems and will bring an overall glow to your face.
5.You will be happy ! You will live a life of less regrets than before , more smiles and laughter than before and will bring a smile on others too.

About long term NoFap :
It is said in the Hindu scriptures and by some Hindu philosophers like Swami Vivekanand that is one retains his/her semen for over 8 years then the semen life form flows toward the brain of the body and bring immense power of thinking and one might even call Nirvana or Enlightenment

And for couples who are following no fap and want to have sexual interactions:
Sex was not made to satisfy each other but to deepen the bond and love between them . You just have to do it with the right intention

Now let me clear a doubt
Nirvana does not mean super natural power , it means being natural(alive) is supernatural .

Things you shall do to boost your no fap experience :
1. Try reading a book , I guess you can read some articles for suggestion because I am a beginner too . Your religious text shall be a good starter.
2. Try Yoga .
3. Try to get in shape , do workout

There are many productive things to do , you just need to have that burning desire to do so.

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