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University Open Days: How to Make the Most out of them!

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University Open Days: How to Make the Most out of them!

All major universities have open days. It is a chance for prospective students to get to learn about the universities they wish to study in the future. Getting a feel of the place before attending classes helps you to save time on your first day when you actually study there.

Universities understand your curiosity and help you feel right at home. You might end up making friends which is a great start. You will get the opportunity to be able to discover the programs offered and the capabilities of the university such as their research facilities and the library as well as research laboratories.

It is encouraged to attend the university open days. There are few tips on making the most out of them. This list is useful for both parents and students.

Book In Advance

A lot of universities advice students to book well in advance. With the high percentage of students attending college or university, it is important to book in advance. When you book in advance, you will be able to register for all the activities during the visit.

Failing to book in advance would mean that you will not be able to see all the attractions and check out different faculties.

Ask Questions

No matter how much you already know about the course you wish to pursue at the university, it is necessary to ask questions. Don’t feel shy and ask anything you want to know. The university staff would be happy to help answer your quires.

Many teachers and staff appreciate students who ask genuine questions about the university, as it shows your interest and determination in studying.

Check out the Accommodation Options

Many universities encourage first year students to stay at the many accommodations provided at the universities; therefore, it is important for students to check out the accommodation options available. It is recommended to book for your accommodation in advance, as there is a huge demand for first years choosing to live on campus.

Inquire about the Financing Options

Universities and colleges alike understand how expensive higher education can be, which is why they offer many financing options which range from academic based scholarship to need based scholarship. Some universities even offer scholarships for star athletes or students with special needs or who come from some specific countries they have a bilateral agreement with.

The staff at the university will be glad to help you fill out all the forms and in answering your questions. There is no need to be hesitant when asking financing related questions.

Try out Different Universities as Well

It isn’t necessary that the first university that you visit will be just the way you had imagined it. There may be chances of you not liking the university. This is what university open days are all about, before making the final decision of choosing which university to study in, you get the feel of it and if it doesn’t meet up to your needs, then you can always check out the next university on your list!







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Paul Steven July 26, 2020 - 1:17 am

As a soon-to-be college student, this helps me a lot. Thanks!

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