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The Academic community should offer complete freedom of thought

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The Academic community should offer complete freedom of thought

With the dawn of globalization, the world has become a global village. It can be seen in educational institutes and academia at large. In order for the world to become a better place, freedom of thought is the pillar for allowing that to happen.

Freedom of thought starts at the academic level. The academic community needs to offer complete freedom of thought, in order to provide an even learning field to its various students who belong to different parts of the society, with many students of color choosing to pursue their higher education abroad.

It has become paramount to promote a policy which provides complete freedom of thought. Students will be able to better express themselves in their work and community as a whole.

There are many reasons why the academic community should offer complete freedom of thought to its diverse students.

Promotes Exchange of Ideas

The goal of complete freedom of thought is to facilitate the exchange of ideas. Many students from diverse backgrounds have various ideas which they would like to share. These ideas could help the future. These brilliant ideas have a solution for everything.

The academic community needs to make sure that the university campus helps with providing its students all sorts of freedom because this is the time for them to be truly free.

Encourages Dialogue

When freedom of thought is fully implemented, students will be able to freely express themselves which will open a gateway for dialogue. Any biases which different students might have may be able to be challenged and that bias or prejudice, whether it is towards students of different color or either religion or race may be tackled with effectively.

The True meaning of Education

Freedom of Thought is the true meaning of education. When students are encouraged to be free to think about whatever they want, will their and everyone’s level of knowledge and education be increased. When students communicate with one another about their differences is when they will truly learn.

Improves Level of Emotional Intelligence

Emotional Intelligence or E.I.Q in short has started to become an important skill for employers. Students who study in a complete freedom of thought environment are more likely to acquire emotional intelligence.

It is a sought for skill, every leader needs to have a good level of emotional intelligence to ensure that their message is heard. It helps students learn more about each other.


The academic community has realized the importance of education in a complete freedom of thought encouraged environment. It is an attractive feat for a university or college.

Universities which encourage it are more likely to receive applications from students who come from diverse backgrounds. Governments also provide funding to such universities. The academic community has a goal to eliminate racism in its premises, and no better way could they achieve this then through complete freedom of thought.

Students are encouraged to apply to such institutes as they will get to learn about more things here than at a traditional university.

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